About Us

La Lum, ‘La’ mountain and ‘Lum’ meaning valleys, is an endeavor founded by a group of nature loving surveying and mapping professionals. We share a common passion for nature and regularly venture on treks both charted and uncharted all over the country. Read more

About Bhutan

Bhutan believes that the measure of prosperity is presented by the level of “happiness” of its people and not the GDP.The philosophy of Gross National Happiness has recently received international recognition and the UN has conceded that “gross domestic product does not adequately reflect the happiness and well-being of people and recognized that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal”. Read more

Travel Info

The best seasons to visit Bhutan are during spring (March, April & May) and autumn (September, October & November). Some of the major festivals are held during these seasons and the beautiful sunny weather during this period is ideal for trekking as well where you have magnificent views of the great Himalayan Mountains. Nevertheless, it is possible to visit Bhutan throughout the year as each season has its own charms. . Read more


It is mandatory that tourist coming to Bhutan have to do so though a registered Tour Operator in the country. Therefore, obviously the first step towards getting to Bhutan is of course selecting your partner Tour Operator. There are hundreds of them and hopefully if you are on this page we will assume that arduous process has been concluded. La Lum Tours & Treks sincerely welcomes you on board as our guest of honour! Read more